Hexham Timeline

Sources: Wikipedia. The Hexham online Timeline is based on information researched by the Hexham Local History Society for their Occasional Publication No 10, 'The Hexham Timeline', edited by Mark Benjamin. Titles of events have been phrased by Peter Rodger, author of this timeline example. The phrasing might not be of journalistic quality and the information in this timeline should not be used as an official source. It is like Google Maps for time-based information. Pan the timeline by dragging it horizontally or using your mouse-wheel. Click on an event icon or tape for details on the event. Key to references: ACR Rowland (1982) The Alemouth or Corn Road BfN Sadler (1988) Battle for Northumbria. BoH Sadler (2007) The Battle of Hexham, in its place DF Gooch (1995) The desperate faction?: The Jacobites of North-East England, 1688-1745 HH Hexham Historian HL Corfe (2006) Hexham lives HoaE Jennings (2005) The Heart of all England HSC Rossiter (2010) Hexham in the Seventeenth century LGIMT Jennings et al (2005) Hexham, 1854-1939: local government in a market town Riot Corfe (2004) Riot: the Hexham militia riot, 1761 TAL Dickinson (2001) Tracking a legend: a north country legacy of Jacobite times

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