17th Century Hexham

“Anna Rossiter … did an enormous amount of primary research. … this is an important and well researched study. Hexham Local History Society is one of the most active and innovative of local history societies in the northern counties, and it is to be congratulated upon producing this book, the work of one of its most active members. Her death was a sore loss to the society, but this book bears testimony to her ability as a historian and is a substantial contribution, not just to Hexham’s history, but to the wider study of small market towns.”
Northern History

“Hexham is a wonderful town …. But, as Anna notes, like many such towns it had been neglected by serious historians. This excellent book fills a major gap; it is invaluable in helping us to understand a formative period in the history of Hexham, but it will be of great interest to local and urban historians much more widely.”
The Local Historian

“the author’s comprehensive and meticulous local archival research and the amassing of an impressive range of valuable evidence makes this book a very useful contribution to the history of market towns in general as well as being of interest to those with a particular regard for the history of Hexham.”
Journal of Urban History