Book Reviews

The Black Book of Hexham

“an admirably clear and concise Introduction, providing the general reader with an overview of the region’s late medieval economy as revealed in the Black Book and guidance on how to interpret the text. It will be apparent, therefore, that the Society is very much to be congratulated on its initiative and in bringing it to a successful conclusion…. the volume will be of much use to both local historians and those with wider interests, and is a worthy example of a fruitful collaborative enterprise”
Northern History

“This has surely delivered far more than the Society could have hoped for; its own vision, and the editors’ skill in realising it, alike deserve our warmest congratulations. We must hope that the real rewards will be yet to come, as this publication stimulates a new wave of interest in, and research into, the past landscapes and societies that the Black Book so vividly evokes”
Archaeologia Aeliana

“The Black Book itself is a treasure trove of evidence for a whole variety of matters pertaining to the daily running of an estate as well as the individual manors. The documents provide fascinating insights into the economy of the estates of Hexham and their social structures...

Such editions of primary sources are very welcome as teaching tools for undergraduate or postgraduate students, but also of great interest to the general reader and to researchers. At £18 the paperback also represents excellent value for money. Overall this is one of the best ones I have seen. It is very user-friendly, carefully researched and executed, and contains a fascinating collection of documents”
Agricultural History Review