Hexham Timeline

The Hexham Timeline 8000 BC to 2014

The Hexham Timeline consists of over 700 lines of code so we’ve divided it into sections so that it is easier to access.  Just follow the link for the years which you want to explore.

There are 6 timelines covering the period 8000 BC through to today!

8000BC – 1300 :: 1300 – 1600 :: 1600 – 1800 :: 1800 – 1900 :: 1900 – 1950 :: 1950 – today

Once the Timeline has loaded on your page, move your cursor to the right hand side and an arrowhead will appear, inviting you to move to the next event in the Timeline.  You can move backwards and forwards in this manner or you can ‘click and swipe’ the actual timeline.

Navigating along the Timeline