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Welcome to the Hexham Local History Society web site

We are delighted to be able to offer you the choice (for a limited time) of being able to access either our older web site or the spanking brand new version which has lots of useful enhancements.

For example, if you are a member of the Society you will now be able to register online to access the 'Members Only' area of the site which contains many valuable and some unique resources.


It seems that some members have been attempting to access the Members' area by using the username and password created for the old web site. I'm sorry; I obviously didn't make it clear enough that you will need to register for a new, unique username and password for the new web site. This is mainly because of my attempt to create a more secure environment in the knowledge that some of the passwords used on the old site were , shall we say, rather too relaxed. It is also because there is a need to ensure that only those who are fully paid-up and current members of the Society take advantage of this privilege.

If, as a result, of using an invalid password, you find yourself 'locked out' please do email me and I will ensure that your access is unlocked allowing you to register for a new password.

Finally, if you choose to change your password, please create something which is not a proper word, your cat's name, or 'opensesame'. Instead use a strong combination of capital letters, numbers and some symbols like # or -

A version of your postcode and telephone number with some odd characters perhaps, and if you are concerned about privacy, use them backwards or put the phone number (mobile?) in between the two, back-to-front halves of your postcode.

There is a real need to avoid 'leaving a door open for hackers'

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